Battle of Crait, Lego Style

I really have nothing to say about this except that I’m jealous of his skills. Having the ability, plus the buckets of Legos it must require, is amazing.

Sweet Mayhem Brick Headz Speed Build

Everything is Awesome Stop Motion

Yeah, just pasting the link to this video has triggered this song to get stuck in my head.

Millennium Falcon Build Video

This one is clearly not meant for kids. Heck, it’s $800. And I can’t see spending the time to put together this massive Lego set and not keeping it together on display somewhere. Don’t think it’s something that would get played with.

Darth Vader Transformation Video

I’ve been thinking about putting up a site dedicated to Legos for a while, but this is the set that finally convinced me to pull the trigger. Well, more specifically my son’s obsession with this set was the trigger. He watched every video he could find on this Vader Transformation set before deciding that he wanted to spend his birthday money and buy it himself.

As I write this he’s sitting across the kitchen table from me putting it together.